THE Potting Shed

Holiday accommodation is a new venture for Woolley Park and so far, it has been a roaring success, with 100% positive feedback and the Potting Shed being rated as one of the top 4 stays in Oxfordshire. 

Hidden away in the walled garden, the Potting Shed that once protected young plants and seedlings from harsh weather, is now a peaceful and rustic place to stay. The old apple store is now a fully equipped kitchen and the terrace looks out across the undulating lawn. It is this lawn that provides evidence of the beds that would have been bursting with vegetables waiting to be turned into soups or delicious meals for the main house. What was once a bustling place filled with activity is now a relaxing, private hideaway for 2 people that regularly exceeds guest expectations. 

The first foray into holiday accommodation has been so successful that we are looking at creating additional accommodation in a separate area of the walled garden so keep your eye on our website or social media. 

If you would like to book the Potting Shed please click here.

Holidays with your horse 

Horses are a firm favourite across the estate, with the farm manager’s daughter having a pony and the Loyd family, the housekeeper and the office administrator all having their own horses. 

We therefore know how special it is to be able to take your horse on holiday. We have space for you to bring your horse with you when you stay in the Potting Shed and we also host annual ‘horse holidays’ which provide a touch of luxury and allow you to meet new like-minded people. 

The exclusive group event allows you to take advantage of the glorious hacking on the ridgeway and countryside in this area famous for the racehorse, whilst staying in the luxury bedrooms in the main house and having your meals prepared for you. 

If you are interested in attending this event, please contact us. 

If you would like to bring your horse to the Potting Shed, please follow the link above and explain this in the comments. 

Luxury Walking or Cycling Holidays

Whilst the Potting Shed is a perfect base for a self catered walking or cycling holidays we also offer a touch of luxury by hosting group holidays from the main house. The exclusive events allows you to enjoy all that the local area has to offer, including organised and pre planned-walking or cycling routes on the Ridgeway and the area of outstanding natural beauty as well as meeting new-like minded people 

You can enjoy the day in the beautiful outdoors and then retire to Woolley Park to a warm shower, comfy bed and an evening of luxury with dinner in the grand dining room.