Woolley is home to many ancient and interesting trees, that add to the rich history of the Estate. One of particular interest is the huge ‘Wellingtonia’ tree that stands proudly on the hill next to the main house and was planted to commemorate the death of the Duke of Wellington nearly 170 years ago. 

The wider Estate has a total of 370 acres of mixed deciduous woodland that are home to numerous important habitats and species. The woodland is cared for under a conservation scheme and has undergone a tree health restoration project to remove Ash trees that have suffered from ‘Ash dieback’ (Hymenoscyphus pseudoalbidus).   

As well as improving the health of existing trees we have also been carrying out an extensive programme of tree planting. Over 70 different varieties of saplings including many specimen and rare trees have been planted. The trees will provide new habitats and support the environment as well as looking beautiful for generations to come.

Not only are the woodlands loved for their beauty, history and tranquillity we are lucky enough to be able to utilise the timber. We are able to carefully harvest Ash that is removed due to ill health, fallen trees and 10 acres of specially grown short rotation coppice for our biomass business.