As well as owning tenanted farms, the Estate farms 1700 acres of arable land in hand, on undulating Berkshire downland that sits within an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).

Winter wheat is grown and sold on to make biscuits, pitta bread and tortillas and spring malting barley is sent to domestic maltsters in Suffolk and all the way to brewers in Germany to make lager. Field beans are used to produce animal feed and Oil Seed Rape is sold for industrial oil or biofuel. 

The Estate is committed to agriculture and making it more energy efficient. The recent investment in a modern grain store has allowed us to deliver quality crops to the market. A focus on improving soil health by increasing direct drilling and incorporating cover crops has paid dividends, resulting in us being top performing farm.  

As well as arable land, the Estate has many acres of permanent pasture and natural downland that is let out on grazing licenses. Grassland is an excellent way of storing carbon so helps us in the battle against climate change. 

We have also planted acres of winter bird food and crops to benefit pollinators as part of a stewardship agreement. Protecting soil, groundwater, wild species and habitats is very important to the Estate.