The Wroughton family have always been forward thinking and protecting the Estate for the future, whilst maximising its productivity in a sustainable way, has always been a priority. Therefore, we are very proud of our renewable initiatives. 


We have a 500kw solar array on the farm that is used by both domestic and let commercial properties. 


We have two biomass boilers on the estate. They run on our own fuel derived from a mixture of trees that have fallen naturally and 10 acres of Poplars grown specifically for short rotation coppice. The boilers power the main house and 6 residential houses in South Fawley as well as 2 commercial buildings.  


We also dry, store and deliver woodchip to customers in conjunction with Wessex Biofuels allowing other people to install biomass boilers, something which is key to creating a sustainable future. 

If you would like woodchip delivered for your own biomass boiler please contact us